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If you don't have a Kindle: 


  1. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can purchase the Kindle version and read it “in the Cloud.”  (The Cloud is just a name for something stored on the internet, not on your computer.)

  2. Once you purchase it, while still on Amazon, go to “Your Account” in the upper right and under that “Manage Your Content and Devices.” 

  3. You should see the book title there.  Click on the button under “Actions.”

  4. Click on “Read now.”  This will open the book for you to read. 

  5. If you are not at the beginning of the book (the book cover) the first time you open it, there will be a  <  in the middle on the left.  (If you don’t see the  < , just move your cursor to the left middle of the screen and it will appear.)  Click on that as many times as it takes to get you to the book cover, which is the very beginning.  Pay special attention to READ THIS NOTE.

  6. It will probably show 2 pages at a time.  When you are done with those pages, click on the  >  in the middle on the right.  (Again, it may not appear until you move your cursor to that area of the screen.)  That will open the next two pages. 

  7. When you are done reading the book for that session, look at the indicator under the pages that says “Location ____.”  Note down that location number.  You can also note down what chapter or subchapter you are going to read next.

  8. X out of the program in the upper left next to “Kindle Cloud Reader.” 



Returning to the book to continue reading: 


  1. Log into your account on

  2. Go to “Your Account” in the upper right and under that “Manage Your Content and Devices.” 

  3. Click on button under “Actions” next to the book title.

  4. Click “Read now.”

  5. It will probably not return you to where you were in the book but put you back in the Table of Contents.  If you know what chapter or subchapter is next, just click on the title and it will take you to that place in the book. 

  6. You can also find your location in the book by looking at the bar at the bottom of the page.  Click and drag the button on that bar to the right until you come to the Location number you wrote down when you finished reading last.  (The bar disappears when you click on the body of the book.  It will reappear if you put your cursor at the bottom of the page.) 

  7. Continue reading and learning how to save our country. 





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