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THE TRUTH BEHIND THE VEIL” (or “Dig Deep – Your Life May Depend On It”)

By Duke Lakeland


For anything broken to be fixed, one must know the truth.  Lies and false statistics will give you wrong answers.


Our country is in trouble.  Let’s look at Washington, D.C. and what is passing for politics there.  The federal government is in freefall.  This would be the time to know exactly what the altitude of the plane is, how fast it is falling, whom we could talk to who had been in this predicament before and gotten out of it, etc.  Unfortunately, the experts who really know what they are talking about are being laughed at or ignored.


You have to look under the veil.  If you don’t, you will miss the big picture.  Here are some of the areas that the federal politicians have put behind a veil:


Unemployment Rate:  On the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, it shows that unemployment peaked at 10% in 2009 and has gradually gone down to 5.5% as of March of 2015.  Searching on the internet, I came across an article that was in Forbes.  According to this article, as of August 2014 when the rate was being reported as 6.1%, the rate was really 12.6% if you took all factors into consideration.  Some of those factors are that the lower rate is computed by removing all people from the list who have run out of unemployment benefits and doesn’t take into consideration people able to find only part-time work.


Social Security Trust Fund.  A “fund” is an account with cash in it put aside to be available when needed later.  “Trust” means someone is in charge who will protect it.  We are told that the Social Security Trust Fund has $2.6 trillion in it which will run out of money in 2033.  Looking a little deeper into that we find that ALL THE MONEY HAS BEEN SPENT, probably by Congress, and it has been replaced with IOUs called U.S. bonds.  All those bonds have to be replaced with current revenues.  Looking a little deeper we discover that our members of Congress are not themselves covered by Social Security – they have a cushy retirement plan that pays them their entire salary for life, even when they are voted out of office. 


Our Money System.  Our money is controlled by the Federal Reserve System (the “Fed”), which is not part of the federal government even though a lot of people think that because of the word “Federal.”  They are said to be able to control booms and busts, making them less extreme, but in reality they make them 10 times worse that if they stayed out of it altogether.  The people running the Fed pretend to have divine inspiration when it comes to our money, interest rates, the economy, and promote the propaganda that they should be allowed to act in secrecy so that they are not influenced by politics.  The banking and finance industry gives millions of dollars to Congressional elections.  So do large corporations, but a lot of these corporations are really owned by the big banks.  They are the plutocracy (“rule by the super wealthy”) manipulating us behind the scenes.


The foregoing are just 3 examples among many others of the lies and half-lies coming out of the mouths of our government officials.

I wrote my book Divided We Are Falling But United We Can Stand! to clear up confusion in the area of politics by defining the words so we will all be on the same page, giving examples of how good people are duped into believing propaganda and how you can see the men behind the curtain who are pulling the levers.


The book is more than an exposé – it is your guide to learn how to look behind the veil.


Get my book and recommend it to others.  We have an election coming up next year and we all need to be as educated as possible so that we can make the right choices in that election.


Duke Lakeland
April 2015



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